Collection of Robe

1. Academic Robe Collection Schedule :





21 Sept 2018 (Friday)

8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Session 1 & 2

Perhentian Room & Redang Room, Level 3, PWTC

22 Sept 2018 (Saturday)

8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Session 3

8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Perhentian Room & Pangkor Room, Level 3, PWTC


2. Kindly bring the following documents when collecting academic robe:

  • Identification Card (MyKad);
  • Payment slip/receipt; and
  • KPM-BPG Teacher Education Sponsorship Agreement Form (for those who have yet to submit)


3. Brief procedure for the Collection of Academic Robe:

  • Produce Identification Card (myKad) for information verification
  • Collect queue number and wait to be called.
  • Collect the Smart Card – 1 unit
  • Collect the Guest Invitation Cards – 2 cards
  • Collect academic robe – 1 set


4. Collection of Academic Robe through a representative: Please complete the Consent Letter and bring it during the robe collection.



  • Ensure that the academic robe collected is for the right programme. Kindly inform the person on duty if you are given the wrong robe.
  • Smart Card contains information pertaining to the graduate’s name. Please verify the information contained in the Smart Card and make sure that the graduate’s name is correctly pronounced.
  • PLEASE BRING THE ACADEMIC ROBE AND SMART CARD ON THE DAY OF CONVOCATION. Those without Smart Cards will not be allowed to go on stage.
  • PLEASE BRING THE GUEST INVITATION CARD. Family members without the Guest Invitation Card will not be allowed into the hall.