Ceremonial Formalities

1. Convocation is an official ceremony and everyone involved is required to observe all the stipulated rules and regulations so that the ceremony can run smoothly.

2. Time/ Gathering Area

  • Graduates are required to gather at the hallway near the convocation hall at least two hours before the session begins.
  • Kindly observe the directives given by the officers on duty who require Graduates to line up when entering the Hall.

3. Academic Robe

  • Graduates are required to wear academic robe which comprises the following:
    • Robe
    • Hood
    • Mortar board
  • Academic robe should be neat and ironed. Please refer to the video on how to wear the Academic Robe.

4. Graduation attire for men

  • National Attire
  • Lounge suit
  • Long sleeve and tie
  • Dark coloured long pants
  • Dark coloured leather shoes

​5. Graduation attire for women

  • National Attire
  • Long sleeve and below knee skirt
  • Court shoes
  • Those wearing tudung, please wear them neatly
  • Those with long hair, tie your hair neatly/ tie it in a bun

6. Prohibited Clothing

  • Jeans
  • Sports Shoes/ Sandal
  • Short Sleeved Dress
  • Inappropriate clothing
  • Above knee skirt or skirt with high slit

7. Rules in the Hall

  • Be seated in your respective seats
  • Going out of the hall is discouraged while the ceremony is in session
  • Cameras are not allowed in the Hall
  • Mobile phones must be switched off or put in silent mode
  • Guests are not allowed into the hall if they do not adhere to the dress code