Frequently Asked Question

No. Information regarding on the convocation will be uploaded on the OUM website. Hence, all graduates are advised to view the OUM website regularly to obtain the latest information regarding the convocation.
Yes, you can. Kindly contact the Convocation Management Unit at The price for one (1) set of Academic Robe depends on the category: Diploma, Bachelor, Master or PhD.
A number of factors are taken into consideration when arranging which session a graduate should attend. Changing the session is, therefore, strictly prohibited.
No. Seating space in the hall is limited. Each graduate will be given 2 cards for 2 guests. However, guest who is unable to enter the hall can watch the ceremony through the CCTV that is available outside the hall.
Application to replace damaged transcripts can be made to the Assessment and Examination Unit. However, there will be no replacement for damaged scrolls.
For graduates who require special assistance – wheelchair bound, visually impaired, injured or the like, kindly call the Convocation Management Unit via e-mail :
Yes. If a guest requires special attention including those who are on wheelchair or sickly, graduates can request for assistance from the person manning the Enquiry Counter or any other person on duty that day. special seats will be allocated for the comfort of such guests.