Tracer Study by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)


Tracer Study by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)


CONGRATULATIONS to all OUM students graduating in the 21st OUM Convocation!

Please be informed that the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) has established a National Graduate Profile Database. To support this initiative, MOHE has set up a survey to evaluate the perception of graduates on their academic program in their respective institutions and the employability, marketability and career progress of the graduates.

Graduates are reminded that filling out the survey questionnaire is made COMPULSORY by MOHE, and is required prior to graduation robe collection. We request all OUM graduates in 2017 to cooperate by answering the survey questionnaire that is available online starting on 20th November 2017. < Graduates MUST print the Survey Completion Slip and bring it to the convocation robes collection. Failure to do this will cause a significant delay in the robe collection process as you will be asked to complete the survey in one of the computer rooms. Your cooperation and compliance on this matter is truly appreciated. OUM is very proud of its graduates, and would like to continue a good relationship with all of you, as the new esteemed members OUM Alumni. This is a great beginning of a new chapter in your career and we wish you all the best in this new life adventure! To complete the survey:
  1. Login to (without additional other words after .my)

  2. Upon successful Login, please click on "Log Masuk Graduan".

  3. In the presenting dialog box, please complete the following information:

    • IC Number/Passport: XXXX-XX-XXXX


    • Name of Institution: OPEN UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA

  4. Click send / submit.

  5. Now you can begin the online questionnaire according to the instructions prompted.

Thank you and best wishes.


Mazuin Binti Omar


Center for Learner Affairs & Alumni